About Angela

Angela Jenkins (Daley)

Co-Founder #104Will, Co-Founder and Director, Kaizen Institute of Health, Co-Founder Kaizen Exercise Pysiologists

Bsc App (HMS) AEP MESSA, HLC 1, FDN practitioner, Epigenetics Prescriptive Coach

Angela believes life is a gift and her Ikigai (reason for being) is to appreciate and live her most fulfilling life inspiring those around her to do the same. She knows everyone can make positive changes and in her 18 years international experience has a long list of clients with life changing results.

Angela is an ESSA accredited exercise physiologist graduating from the University of Queensland. She has also trained under various internationally renowned Institutes becoming certified as a CHEK Holistic Lifestyle Coach (HLC 1) , Functional Diagnostic Nutrition (FDN) practitioner (currently studying L2) and PH360 Epigenetics Prescriptive Coach. She has also completed Functional Blood Chemistry, Reiki, Emotional Freeing Technique, Television presenting and International Mentoring Courses and Programs. Angela also reached the pinnacle of her sport representing Australia at the Touch Football World Cup.

Angela started her career in Sydney, working primarily in Corporate health. Following this she worked in London where her main contract was to manage the health and wellness of the high profile Mittal family. Angela has been based on the Sunshine Coast since 2008. She co-founded a team of exercise physiologist Kaizen Exercise Physiologists s in 2010, Kaizen Health Diagnostics in 2013 which offers health testing for health online before establishing the Kaizen Institute of Health. Angela’s main work is mentoring and coaching executives, changemakers and health professionals to manage their stress, their health and themselves. Angela has and continues to speak and present at expos, seminars, conferences and corporate groups to inspire healthy change. She is regularly featured as an expert commentator in leading health and fitness magazines.

Angela believes in practicing what she preaches and is continually working on optimizing her physical, mental, emotional and spiritual strength. She loves training with her beautiful daughter Liv, Yoga, early morning exercise down the beach, practicing meditation and other chi building exercises. She likes to shop and support local and implement natural food and nutrition practices.

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