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Discover Your Natural Intelligence....

We are all Unique. We all have a natural intelligence that we have been given to contribute. Cutting edge technology is allowing us to undersand your genetic strengthsand what your natural talents are. The system also optimises your genetic potential through specific nutritional, exercise, mindset and lifestyle advice as well. A personalised plan specifically to you

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Epigenetic Progam - What you Get

Pesonalised Health and Talents

* Personalised Online Epigenetic Self Assessment * 15 layers of Science to create your Unique Epigenetic Profile * Year Long Access to Platform and Personalised App  

Platform Access Includes * Food lists and receipes specific to YOU * Specific Exercises best for YOUR health * Ideal Environments for YOUR Optimal Health Outputs * Get inside YOUR Mindset, Social settings and Career strengths * Optimal Daily Schedules based on YOUR Chronobiology

PLUS BONUS CONSULT for a limited time only Personal Skype Consult with Angela Jenkins *Understand how to use the information to get results *Understand YOUR priority areas for best health outcomes *Coaching tool for effective implementation

Some Background 

Meet Angela Co-Owner Kaizen Institute of Health Bsc App (HMS) AEP MESSA, HLC 1, FDN practitioner, Epigenetics Prescriptive Coach  

Angela believes life is a gift and her Ikigai (reason for being) is to appreciate and live her most fulfilling life inspiring those around her to do the same. She knows everyone can make positive changes and in her 18 years international experience has a long list of clients with life changing results.

The Personlaised Health Platform

Maps all 25,000 genes Accounts for epigenetic factors & how the environment has switched genes ‘ON’ and ‘OFF’ 15 Layers of science (neuroscience, chronobiology, TCM, embryology, anthropomery, phenotypoloy etc) Over 10,000 computations & 500 Algorithms All factored into the platform Understand your unique 'Biotrend'  

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