Functional Health Programs

Functional Health Programs

A functional approach is aimed at achieving wellness not avoiding sickness. Its about being a health detective and looking for opportunities for your body to heal, rather than always take a pill. Lifestyle medicine is a very powerful medicine.

Angela uses a cutting edge Epigenetic Profiling system in combination with functional blood chemistry and hormonal profiles to personalise your health program to a whole new level. 

Key Elements to her Approach:

Find Your Ikigai - your reason for being

Epigenetic Profiling - Cutting Edge Analaysis of your genes and environment

Comprehensive Health Diagnostic

Blood Chemistry and Hormonal Analysis

Assessing and then programming Nutrition, Sleep, Rest and Recovery, Movement & Fun

Focus on Working In before working in

A Coaching Approach. You have input. It’s your life and your program.

What can you do to enrich your life in 104 days? #104Will

Some Areas I Have Particular Interest In:

Lifestyle Overhaul – Those ready to make some big life changes

Renewal – Those rebuilding after stress / trauma

Executive Health – learn to manage your stress, your health and yourself

Optimal Health – those wanting to regain feeling their best

Women’s Health – hormonal balance, fertility, menopause


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