The Future is Personalised Health

Here is a podcast interview Angela Lee Jenkins did with the My wellness Pie Podcast talking Personalised Health and Epigenetics. Its a great little overview on why its the way forward and what its all about.

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Healthy or Just Not Sick??

“The last time I went to the Dr was years ago?” “I never get sick” Does this sound like you??
While it is great that you may not get sick, what we often see is that there can be a misconception that this means you are healthy. “Well it does, I’m not sick” I hear you say. This can be true but sickness and illness is just the tip of the iceberg. It is a sign that there are significant imbalances, stress and dysfunction in the body. These imbalances and dysfunction can be around for a long time and while you may not be sick, it does prevent you from feeling as healthy as you could be.






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