Angela has a passion for mentoring and has programs available for health professionals. 

Personal Mentoring with Angela

Angela works with a few trainers/ health professionals who have a passion for a holistic functional approach to wellness, want to fulfill their potential and share their gift with the world. Personal Mentoring is extremely limited. Please contact us to check availabilities

What People have to say about Angela….

“Sometimes someone comes into your life whom you don’t realise at the time how influential and powerful their existence in your life will be. Someone who radiates an abundance of spirit, hope, generosity and compassion. Someone who impacts your life in a way that allows you to access the greatness and opportunity in yours. She has a story that brings me to tears at the mere thought of it, and I was able to use part of that story to create something pretty special that I’ll use in my work to help others experience a new lease on life – a revival of the life that is deservedly theirs.” Corinne Austin New Zealand Personal Trainer of the Year 2017

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